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Dr. Ashley Dubois

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As your dentist in Fort Walton Beach,  we promote relaxation, great oral health, and the overall well-being of patients. We also cater to those with dental anxieties and phobias.

We offer comprehensive dental services for patients of all ages, from 3 to 103. Dr. Ashley Dubois, your cosmetic dentist in Fort Walton Beach, FL, is a native of the Emerald Coast and is proud to serve her local community.

Dr. Ashley Dubois received the Scarlett 2023 Woman of the Year award in recognition of being one of the most remarkable, reliable, hardworking, and determined women in the community. She is honored to have been voted by the community as "The Dentist" of the Year.

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We’re Here for You

The team at Shoreline Dental Studio is always available to answer your questions and help you get the most out of every visit. If you need help setting up an appointment, understanding your insurance coverage, or any other issue, we're here for you. 

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Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile is part of maintaining a positive image of yourself. We offer teeth whitening, dental implants, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and other cosmetic dentistry services to help you put your best smile forward. 

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Restorative Dentistry

Have a cracked, broken, or missing tooth? The team at Shoreline Dental Studio is here to help you reclaim your smile. 

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Dental Implants

A missing tooth doesn’t just affect your smile’s appearance; it can also cause your jawbone to lose mass, which can change your facial appearance and lead to additional dental complications. We can help. 

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Dental Emergencies

Shoreline Dental Studio prioritizes dental emergencies. If you have a popped out tooth, agonizing toothache, or other dental emergency, we will help you get the care you need as quickly as possible.

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Sedation Dentistry

It’s not just you. Nearly 40% of individuals suffer from some form of dental anxiety or phobia. Nitrous oxide sedation can help you safely relax throughout your appointment. Let us know if you have a dental anxiety or other concern that has kept you from visiting the dentist. 

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Shoreline Dental Studio is currently accepting new patients. Call us today to schedule your first appointment.

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We Support Our Community

Your dentist in Fort Walton Beach is helping stamp out food insecurity in Okaloosa County by supporting Food For Thought Outreach. Since 2010, this organization has been helping school-aged children get the nourishment they need by providing critical access to food. Visit the Food For Thought Outreach website to learn more about this organization and its work.

Food For Thought Outreach
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Don't Wait for Dental Issues to Appear

Dental issues don't appear over night. That is why it is important to attend regular checkups with your dentist. We can detect gingivitis, periodontitis, and other diseases before they have a chance to devastate your smile and budget. 

When you visit our emergency dentist in Fort Walton Beach, FL, we will recommend a checkup frequency that best suits your oral health needs. Together, we can help ensure a lifetime of beautiful smiles. 

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